Skin Candy Bubble Gum Balm Review: Whitening, Healing & So Much More💗

  • Nov, 10 , 20
  • Chie Acosta

A rich, nutritious, precious line-up of oils, butters & extracts make up this all-natural skin lightening and renewal balm that’s perfect even for the most sensitive areas such as underarms and groin (also called inguinal areas).


I’ve been using this cute, sweet-smelling balm twice a day for more than a month now, and I am super loving it!! It’s safe and natural so don’t expect the chemical effect that visibly peels (and stings!) and can even cause further darkening in the long run, or with prolonged use.


First, after a few weeks of use, I noticed that my underarm skin looks so healthy, plump and brighter. I was so happy, I found myself checking out my armpits in the mirror all the time haha. I used to have major itching and allergies caused by heat and sweat, which in turn caused thickening and darkening of the skin especially around the armpit, and which again in turn was a major problem for me.  I could see and feel the rough patches that developed from too much scratching, which also led to raw skin and scarring. I had gotten so used to the dry, uneven texture that I was one day surprised to realize those parts feeling soft and smooth!! And the dark skin had lightened to a healthy, even tone!


The chicken skin & lines that used to be so prominent are also fading and becoming smoother. And not-to-mention, the yummy scent helps keep my pits smelling suh-weet! I actually don’t use any form of deodorant anymore so it’s super perfect & convenient for me. =)


Here’s the lineup of ingredients and a summary of their benefits. Judge for yourself if that isn’t an ideal queue of quality components.


Rosehip oil – Moisturize, repair, soothe inflammation, exfoliate, rich in Vit A & C to brighten & boost collagen

Sunflower oil – Anti-oxidant, heals acne, rich in Vit E as well as A, C & D to regenerate & protect  

Bearberry extract – Powerful & natural whitening agent rich in antioxidants & arbutin to fight pigmentation & aging

Seaweed extract – Packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals to repair, tone, smoothen, increase circulation & slow down aging

Tomato extract – With B vitamins, lycopene, betacarotene & more to heal burns & protect from UV rays, fight acne & brighten

Papaya extract – High in vitamins A, B & C with anti-inflammatory, exfoliating & whitening benefits

Shea butter – Rich in fatty acids & plant sterols for potent moisturization, skin repair & protection from the sun


Individually, each premium, plant-based ingredient has essential properties that naturally whiten, soothe and repair skin. But, this potent blend becomes even more powerful as they work together for maximum benefits—from brightening skin, to fading dark spots, to soothing inflammation, to slowing down skin-aging and protection from UV rays.


Another major benefit:  This balm has also been super amazing with the more recent allergies on my hands and feet that I’ve had for more than a year and have been prone to cracking and bleeding. I’ve tried everything from steroid creams to VCO to all kinds of soaks and commercial brands that I will not name. =) I apply a little balm every time I wash my hands to help heal & keep it hydrated, and I AM SO THANKFUL! My hands and feet have never been better. My skin is healing. The tips of my fingers that also darkened due to the allergies are now slowly restored to health. I also used it on my son and his allergies are all but gone too! You simply can’t go wrong with this balm!  


Don’t go overboard though. Twice a day is enough (morning & evening) as the balm is very rich. I got a little carried away because I was loving the results & the delicious scent, but I’ve learned that with this balm, a little goes a long way. Plus, at 40g, there’s more product compared to others I’ve tried and will definitely last a longer time. I’ve also been using it on this very old scar on my knee. I’ll need some more time to see if it will make a difference. It’s only been a month, after all.